1. What SIM cards can be used?
Ojoy A1 smartwatch  can support all 4G sim cards in India. In rest of the countries it works with all major carriers.

2. Can I use without a SIM card?
No, you cannot use most of functions of the Ojoy A1 smartwatch. The watch uses internet time, and with active SIM card, it won’t even tell accurate time.

3. How to power off?
Press and hold the upper power button for 5 seconds, and the screen will prompt shutdown.

4. How to delete contacts?
Only the parent with administrator account can add or delete contacts on the Ojoy watch App.

5. How to reset the watch?
By unbind the watch through the companion App, the watch can be reset.

6. Is it waterproof?
Yes. It is rated IP68 waterproof, meaning the watch can be immersed in water up to 2 meters deep for as long as 30 minutes. So it can handle light and short period water activities, and survive a drop to the wash bin.

7. How to disable the watch during school time
In the ‘Ojoy watch’ App, go to function and select ‘School Mode’.

8. How to set permissions for family members
If you add a family member in the Family, then the family member can make phone calls to the watch, but also create an App account and login to check your child’s location, send messages in the app, and automatically joined the family chat group in the App. If you add a family member as Friend, then the family member can only make and receive phone calls with the watch owner, they cannot access features offered by the App.

9. How many family members can be added? How many friends?
You can add up to 10 family members and unlimited friends.

10. How long does the battery last?
With typical usage, it lasts about 36 hours. We recommend to charge every night.

11. How much data does the watch need every month?
Most functions of the watch requires active data connection, with typical casual users, average data usage is less than 100MB.

12. Is there alarm working while powered off?
No. The alarm will not work if the watch is powered off.

13. How to set flight mode during flight?
There is no flight mode, please shutdown the watch by press and hold the power button for 5 seconds, and then click ‘shutdown’.

14. How is accuracy of location positing?
In open area with clear view sight to the sky without obstructions, the Ojoy A1 watch can pick up GPS satellite signal and reports GPS location, which can be as accurate as 5 meters radius. If no GPS signal, the Ojoy A1 watch relies on cellular base station or Wi-Fi information to determine the approximate location, which could be could be up to 500 meters radius.

15. How to upgrade system?
You will receive a notification on the mobile app if there is a system upgrade available, you will need to have the watch with enough battery and active connection to receive system upgrade.

16.Can Ojoy A1 supports roaming?

Ojoy A1 is enabled for auto roaming. When a sim card with roaming data is used in overseas the watch will use roaming data. Pl note watch will also use roaming calls if the SIM card comes with roaming calls facility


1. Cannot make phone calls to watch
The Ojoy watch by default only accept phone calls from numbers in the Address book added as family members or friends. If you call from other numbers, it will be blocked. If you want to unblock such calls, you can change the setting in the ‘Ojoy watch’ App.

2. Cannot see the watch’s current location
First please make sure the SIM card you put in the watch is active and has data plan, if it is prepaid card, make sure it has enough balance.

Since the watch relies on cellular data connection to report location to server, there might be network reception issue, if the network signal is weak, the watch couldn’t establish active data link with the server; check the watch signal displayed on the watch screen, also check if it shows 3G or 4G. If it only shows 2G, it means the watch is connected to the low-speed 2G GSM network, which could have delays in getting data link.

If the problem continues, please contact support@theojoy.com and request service support.

3. The watch always ask for SIM cards
If you haven’t get a SIM card for the watch, please do so. If you have already inserted the SIM card, please make sure the SIM card chip is facing up and properly installed in the SIM tray.

4. The watch cannot make phone calls
The Ojoy A1 watch cannot make and receive phone calls to random number, it can only call family and friend added by parent in the companion mobile App. If you have already finished the setup process, please check the signal. In bad signal area, the watch cannot complete phone call. If the signal is good, but the watch still cannot make phone call, please contact support@theojoy.com and request service support.

5. The watch cannot power on
Check the charge pin to see if it is covered with dirt or other substances. If the watch was recently dropped in the water, please make sure the contact is dry and clean, if not, you can apply cleaning swab on the charging pin.