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Why should we track our kids?

Research conducted by Pewresearch [Source:] found that 16% of the parents do track their kids location using Location Apps.

Do we need to use location Apps or hardware-based trackers is different topic all together? But from our experience trackers are the best way to go forward and the answer is Yes.

For an example if the Kid is in a medical emergency and parents need to know the location to take necessary actions or continuously call for monitoring and stay connected kid. Under this circumstance if the kid is not reachable on Phone, a GPS location tracker plays a very important role in tracking the kid’s history locations and helps in locating kid. Also, the SOS function is an Emergency distress button which a Kid can use when he/she is approaching emergency due to distress conditions. Kids can be introduced to understand the look out for help via the SOS function and help themselves safe. This can also be inbuilt as a habit for to reach out SOS like “If in distress or trouble its necessary to intimate where I am located, so its easy to track and locate me. “, this habit would also inspire in a healthy relationship between a parents and kids. Tracking can also rebuild trust and have a sense of security.

Most of the time Parents are totally unaware where their kids are and what are they up to. Location tracking bridges the non-reachability clause between Parents and Kids keep out children safety and maintain loving connections.

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Research has shown that teenagers don’t drive safely for fear of crashing, but rather for fear of getting a ticket. If your teen knows you are monitoring where they are driving and how fast they are going via GPS tracking, they are less likely to take risks and likely to drive more safely.

As per [Source:], there are very few laws on the subject, Parents tracking a Teenager’s movements and activities or keep a young child safe from getting lost has not provided strong breaches of any right of privacy, to involve the courts to interfere.

To and from School, traffic delay is a daily hassle for a parent when the kids are travelling. According to users of The Hug App – an app which connects users to a trusted social network of individuals, local contributors for care and safely – 76 percent rated the GPS tracking capabilities as their favorite feature. The Hug App was created by Melbourne-based single dad Simon Bishop, who wanted to keep a track on his kids’ safety and health, school travel pick-ups and drops.

“There is no greater peace of mind than knowing that your kids are with known safe hands and trustworthy people,” he said.

Whether or not GPS tracking is good parenting, Stephanie Lau [ource:] says “each to their own”.

“Parents should use what they are comfortable with and what their kids are comfortable with as well. I guess it’s about adapting parenting practices with the constant changing technology of the 21st century.”

Should parents track their kids with GPS? As every parent knows, the safety of their children is always their largest concern. Because GPS tracking devices allow you to pinpoint the exact location of your child anytime and anywhere, the answer should be a no-brainer. GPS tracking for children has amazing benefits that no one can deny, Few more interesting reads Source:

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smart watch phone for kids

Ojoy Kid’s Smart phone Watch

World’s 1st 4G GPS Slimmest and Sleekest Kids Smart Watch Phone


A watch has always been a wonderful invention to have a track on your time and be scheduled and aware of things having around by having a count on time. It has been a gadget that was used from ages and lately been replaced by Smartwatches, which might be an ideal addiction for all ages including kids.

Nowadays with the growing technologies, Smartphone has become a mandatory carry object which by default is an over-engaged partner in our hands and now being a habit transformed to our Kids as well. Intensely affecting them both Physically and Mentally being a distractive element for Kids of all ages. As they get obsessed by playing games, surfing on Internet, which is highly unnecessary and not relevant source of interest information for the kids’ overall development.

In this due course, even Parents are forced to give Smartphones to monitor and stay connected with their kids, which doesn’t serve the actual purpose and subjects the kids in addiction and other issues while using a Smartphone.

Let’s give our kids a brighter future under the Sun rather than capturing them into the Smartphone games and other Smartphone additions. Research from NIH (National Institute of Health) Study states 4-14 years of kids spend most of their several hours on Smartphones which have a negative effect on their Brain development showing signs of premature thinning of the cortex, the outer most layer of the brain, which is responsible in processing the sensory information to respond to stimulus.

Similarly, even the Parents have no access or control over the kid’s activities on the Smartphone and to the wide range of distractions attached to it. In this scenario a replacement can be Kid’s Smartwatch Phone, which serves the purpose of both the parent and the Kid, by giving Parents the access to call their kids, track the location movements and remotely monitor their kids, with few habits and schedule reminders to keep the Kids engaged and keep on track. And for Kids few fun elements like Magic School, Pedometer and access to their Family and Friends.


Today’s Generation Smartwatch purely designed for Kids is the Ojoy Kid’s Smartwatch phone a good replacement for a Smartphone, which is the latest Smartwatch phone for Kid’s in Today’s Generation.

The Kido Smart watch is very famous and widely been used by kids between 4-14 age group in China. Successfully selling almost 10Million units across China, we are now expanding globally as “Ojoy Kid’s Smartphone Watch.

Ojoy is the World’s first Slimmest and Sleekest with the below range of specifications when compared to any other at late Kid’s Smartwatches and will be the best option for our Kids to stay connected, committed and safe via our E-fencing feature, tracking location history and SOS Emergency Button.

Ojoy 4G Smartwatches are built analysing the behaviours between the Kid and the Parent and our functionalities are the best among our Competitors having the long lasting 800Mah Battery, Qualcomm 8909w Chipset, IP68 Standard Waterproof and many more functions like Call, Message, Camera, Add Friend, Alarm, Stopwatch, assigning Task, Step Count, Weather, Magic box, Magic School.

An official medical guideline on the amount of recommended activity suggest 60 minutes of physical activity per day for a Kid which strengthen their muscles and bones avoiding lifestyle related chronic illness, with current addition of Smartphones kids rarely follow any Physical activities, affecting not only Physical but also their Metal health. Our Ojoy Step count monitors the Physical activity of our Kids and rating them on ranks among their peers Ojoy Friends.

In China, kids widely use the Smartwatch in their Schools as well since we have Classroom Mode that is specially designed for Schools, helping Kids totally devote their time and concentration to the Class and the Kids access to Time and Date.

Also, as Kid’s may have multiple activities from Tuitions to other extracurricular activities with might be spilt across different geo-locations, E-fencing will be a good function to track and monitor the kids.

All these functionalities are managed and control by the Ojoy App, playing a wider role in tracking the GPS and other mentioned activities. Above all as Smartphones are mostly used to capture memories, with Ojoy 2MP Camera for kids to capture pictures and videos and share among their friends and family, with the Admin having access to all the conversations and sharing’s via the Ojoy App.

To conclude Ojoy Smartwatch is one of the best options for Kids and Parents to replace Smartphones and a very Kid’s friendly certified and safe Today’s Generation Gadget.